Are you ready to embark on the most important journey of your life? Allow me to help you achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit. As the Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Wishing you health, happiness and peace.
— Lana

Here's What Clients Say

I am a 57 year old woman and I have been dieting unsuccessfully since the age of 9. You name a diet- I tried it but with no long term success.  About 8 years ago I was referred to Dr. Lana from a friend in Overeaters Anonymous who lost 43 lbs following her program and I thought- ok this is going to be my last try at dieting. Well the first shocker was that Dr. Lana’s program was not a diet- I had no cravings,I wasn’t miserable and I was eating real food, even going out to restaurants! She closely worked with me bi-monthly and monitored my progress and I slowly lost 2 lbs every week until my goal weight of 137 lbs ( down from 196 lbs).  I have not seen this number on the scale since a freshman in college.  I am now on maintenance and I feel like a new person. She doesn’t just work on the food part- her program includes a safe exercise prescription and counseling to help me connect to my emotional need for food and safety. She is truly a magnificent motivator and a life coach.


I started working with Lana when my regular annual blood test showed my liver enzymes were high. As a competitive bodybuilder, I assumed I was in optimal health. I showed Lana the blood results and she noticed that my kidney function was also impaired- something my regular doctor didn’t even pick up on!  So we began a program to detoxify my liver and to heal my kidneys. Lana created a unique food combination menu plan for me to continue to thrive as an athlete and she completely changed my supplement usage. I was shocked to find out that I was poisoning my body with dangerous supplements that I was buying from my local health food store. She first put me on her special cleanse to detoxify my organs and then she slowly added detoxifying foods and supplement products without additives and chemicals. She completely changed the types of food I was eating and my biggest fear was that I would lose muscle. The first thing I noticed was my energy levels went through the roof. I felt lighter and I stopped relying on caffeine. I actually put on lean muscle and shed 7 lbs of fat.  We also modified my workouts so that I was able to be more efficient in the gym. I have had 2 blood tests since I started her program and surprise - liver enzymes in normal range, kidneys normal and my cholesterol levels dropped by 20 points! Amazing!

— Jimmy c.

My son was 12 years old when his pediatrician referred us to see Dr. Lana because he was severely overweight. He was very nervous to change his eating habits and as a busy mom of 4 kids, I was very anxious about starting on something that wouldn’t fit into our busy lifestyle. My son and I were both so surprised at how down to earth she was and she was so super funny, she made us feel so at home. We started to work on baby steps by slowly changing our behaviors as a family. We tackled 1 goal at a time. The program was not expensive or hard to follow like I feared. It took some time and she was very patient with us but I am so happy to report that my son is now 15 years old- and he went from an obese, shy, tired  kid with very low self esteem to an athletic young man who is confident and full of energy. She diagnosed him as having low blood sugar and she taught us how to eat the right foods to balance his blood sugar. I immediately noticed a change in his mood. The foods that he was eating were making him sick and tired and I had no idea that food can even do that. We changed as a family. It was not easy but doing it slowly helped because it didn’t hit anyone like an earthquake. What an eye opener this journey has been.

— Samantha and Joey

I’m in my late  20s and I have felt really bloated and congested and my face is broken out with acne since I have been a teen. It has not been easy going out to eat with my friends or really enjoying life because I am was so nervous of what to eat and I hate feeling sick all the time. I tried different doctors who put me on a bunch of meds which made me feel sicker and I had no energy at all. The meds also messed with my stomach and the pain was getting unbearable. I was referred to Dr. Lana by a friend who was treated for gluten intolerance so I thought maybe she could help me. We worked together and we figured out I had candida overgrowth and so she treated me with a special diet for that and then we went on to try a low fodmaps diet to treat the bloating and gas pain and voila it worked miracles. No more medications!  No more bloating! No congestion- I can actually smell and breathe! And my face is totally cleared up- no more acne!! I am so grateful and happy to finally be feeling like a normal person.

— Liddy