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Are you ready to take your wellness to the next level? No more dangerous diets, deprivation and malnutrition recommended to you by non-credentialed, non-licensed "nutrition experts?" Finally a scientifically proven program designed to help you sleep better, have more energy, think more clearly, and feel vibrant and alive!

A Complete Prescription For Optimal Health.

Lana Zinger shares her highly successful protocol for healing through nutrition, exercise and behavior change.

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Nutrition and Health Services 

It's time to heal your body and your spirit by learning science based nutrition and intuitive eating from an Ivy League educated Registered Dietitian and Professor of Nutrition Science. Discover how my services can help you take control of your health. I provide a complete prescription for your optimal health.

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Meet Dr. Lana Zinger RDN, CHES 

Dr. Lana Zinger is a Professor of Nutrition, Public Health and Health Coaching. She is a well known author of many textbooks and peer reviewed research articles as well as a national speaker on health and nutrition.

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What Clients Are Saying

"She doesn’t just work on the food part- her program includes a safe exercise prescription and counseling to help me connect to my emotional need for food and safety." 

"The first thing I noticed was my energy levels went through the roof. I actually put on lean muscle and shed 7 lbs of fat."   

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BLOG and News

Get Dr Lana Zinger's advice on healthy eating, exercise and behavior change. Before you start the next diet or fitness program, arm yourself with science based advice, and take control of your health!

Do you really need to skip carbs?

What are some healthy ways of losing weight?

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Apples to Zinc Nutrition  by Lana Zinger & Alicia Sinclair

Read the textbook written by Nutrition professors that will answer all your nutrition questions


Healthy Happy Long Life by Lana Zinger

Living a healthy, happy, long life is within your grasp. Learn some proven strategies, and tips on incorporating healthy habits into your life.


A unique multi-dimensional approach to health, wellness and nutrition from a credentialed professional in the field.


How Can I Help You Live Life to Your Fullest Potential?

The passion I have for health and nutrition comes from my great appreciation of life. My goal is to empower you to live a vibrant  life by  teaching you how to have a healthy body, mind and spirit. I build powerful relationships with my clients and we work together to achieve your greatest health dreams. We start out by exploring your goals and coming up with scientific strategies for success. I am a busy woman, mother, friend, exercise fanatic and lover of life. I want to help you start thriving and feeling great, not just surviving on auto-pilot!

We are answering all your nutrition myths!!!