Nutrition and Health Services

It's time to heal your body and your spirit by learning science based nutrition and intuitive eating from an Ivy League educated Registered Dietitian and Professor of Nutrition Science.

  • Heal your subconscious through behavior change to enable you to let go of barriers blocking your health goals.
  • Learn what to eat, when and the proper combination of food to increase your cell energy, absorption and digestion.
  • Overcome emotional eating and food cravings by adopting a uniquely structured eating plan.

medical nutritional therapy for all diseases

    safe and effective weight loss

    eating disorders/binge eating counseling

    biochemical lab analysis  

    healthy cooking classes  

    grocery shopping  


    gut health

    mood disorders

    sports nutrition and supplementation

    life and health goals coaching

    kids counseling

    behavior modification techniques  


    medical nutrition practice

    Most insurance cover medical nutrition therapy for those
    afflicted by a disease. Call your insurance company to verify
    your coverage.